New record for getting yelled at on a ride…

Three.  That’s the new record for people driving by yelling at me and Shannon on our ride home from Ale Asylum tonight.  Three separate cars slowed down (ok, one was already stopped at an intersection), had people roll down their windows and scream out….


Yup, three different people felt the need to compliment us (rather loudly) as to how cool they thought our lights were.  Not only that, but an  additional three pedestrians *also* commented on how cool the wheel-lights were.  We were absolutely floored…

The afternoon started out with a nice drink at our favorite local brewery, and we timed the afternoon date so that we could head back after dark to both try out the wheel LED lights along with a new high-intensity headlamp that we just received to test (more on that in a later post).  Heading back was truly an eye-opening experience.  We stayed mostly on the roads as opposed to bike paths as we wanted to get home more quickly (it was getting cold), and the overall positive response was just about overwhelming.  A car waiting at an intersection rolled down the passenger window and called out “NICE LIGHTS,” and someone who overtook us going the same direction slowed down as they did and gave us the same compliment.  A third car also complimented us, along with several people walking along the road getting ready to head in to a Christmas party.  This all occurred on a 6 mile ride home, and I’m pretty sure that this is the first time I’ve had people yell positive things out of passing cars.

We did take a quick video that we’ll upload soon, but in the meantime here’s a pic of Shannon’s and my final design.  Yes, the color choices are hetero-normative gender specific, get over it.


Edit:  Yes, another crappy cell-phone video showing the lights in the dark.  You can even hear my neighbor say “nice rims!!”

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